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DTB Architects has implemented a Management System which incorporates;

·       Quality

·       Environmental Sustainability

·       Health & Safety

·       Data Privacy & Security

·       Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery

The System applies to the scope of DTB Architects as suppliers of Architecture & Interior Design services. It applies to all those involved in the work of DTBs’ services including owners and end-users.

DTB Architects regards the Management System as fundamental to providing customer- based service and a profitable business.

It is documented for accessibility and proof of intent and application. It is intended to be a suite of “live” documents undergoing constant monitoring, measuring and improvement.

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The Quality System has been certified to ISO 9001: 2015 and incorporates critical elements of all other Systems.

The principles of our Quality System are to give our clients confidence and satisfaction in our work, to comply with all relevant legal requirements, to facilitate and ensure that all those involved in projects for DTB take personal responsibility for their role in them and to monitor and improve their participation and our business.

The Environmental System aligns with ISO 14001:2015;

DTB Architects practices and has documented an Environmental & Sustainability Management System. It is provided to assist with the implementation of systematic environmental management.

DTB’s Health & Safety System aligns with AS/NZS 4801:2001;

Establishment of a formal Work Health & Safety System is acknowledgement of the priority that DTB Architects attaches to the well-being and safety of every person who acts for the company and is responsible to the company via sub-contract agreements, our clients and those involved in the construction of our designs.

DTB’s Safety in Design System seeks to eliminate or at least minimise, through design, risks associated with the construction, use, maintenance and eventual demolition of a building designed by DTB.

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Our Data Privacy & Security System aligns with ISO 27001:2013

DTB recognises the necessity for protecting all data associated with its’ business operations. DTB has developed a policy for projecting data generated and received by DTB. It applies to all past, present and future employees and is applied to all data generated by DTB and received from external sources. It protects the business and our clients with the information entrusted to DTB by our clients & suppliers.

The DTB Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery System;

The objective of this policy is to ensure that in the event of a disaster/ major interruption to business that the business can restart as quickly as possible, with minimal loss of information or function.

Continuing Education;

DTB’s in-house education policy is put into effect in part, by allowing every staff member who has been involved in the documentation of the project to attend the formal Site Meetings on a rotating basis.

Robert as DTB’s senior CAD technician, being profoundly deaf, has had limited opportunity in his career to gain first-hand experience on construction sites.

Thanks to the availability of interpreters through government assistance programs, Robert is really enjoying the educational experience of being able to partake in site inspections and attend formal meetings. The interpreters are also enjoying expanding their vocabulary and obtaining new experiences themselves.